5 Best Cricket Grounds in Hyderabad

Number of cricket grounds in hyderabad has increased many folds in last 3-4 years. Form a modest no. 8-10 grounds the no. has increased as many as 65 grounds and counting. Needless to say the ground quality has also increased immensely, which is delight for cricket enthusiast in Hyderabad. We bring you a list top 5 cricket grounds in Hyderbad which are readily available for booking.

No. 5

Ramcharan Sports Complex (Rating 3.8 Star), Peddashapur, Shamshabad

Ramcharan Cricket Ground

The new entrant in this list, it was started in mid-2015. The ground is located is situated in peddashapur area, on Bangalore highway after about 6 km from shamshabad, while going there please look for Burjuguda board on the left and immediately after that take u-turn from right cut and then take first left you will reach this wonderful ground. The perfect circle boundaries, quick outfield and as many as four pitches in the center. The other infrastructure is still under construction, the owners are in process of making the premise a sports and recreation hub with multiple sports facility like Badminton, Basketball, swimming pool etc. We are sure the facility will climb up the ranking in 2016. We wish them all the luck.

No. 4

MRR (Rating: 3.9 Star), Aziznagar

MRR Cricket Ground Hyderabad

The cricket ground was started in mid 2014, it is located opposite to Srinidhi International School in Aziz nagar. MRR ground in Hyderabad is probably the most underrated ground. The possible reason could be that most of the time it is booked by tournament organizers and it is not available for pickup games. Once you come to the ground you will first notice the absolutely even and lush green outfield. Pitch is always crafted nicely, boundary lengths is prefect 60 yards, provision for ample parking and the premise is in gated compound. Personally would love if pavilion area is little developed.

No. 3

SSR (Rating: 3.9 Star), Aziznagar

SSR Cricket Ground

SSR is situated in Aziznagar area behind VJIT College on Chevella road. The ground was started in early 2013 and over the years has come up the ranks. Good standard size ground, Well-crafted outfield with lush green grass and good even wicket, sight screen, compound wall and most of the amenities are in place. The delight factor of nice and cozy pavilion with option for refreshment makes the ground second best for cricket lovers in Hyderabad.


No. 2

Babukhan Arena (Rating 3.9 Star), Kokapet

Babukhan Crcket Ground

Babukhan cricket ground “A home of corporate cricket in Hyderabad” has completed half a decade in 2016, and the ground has been a great host for all the cricket enthusiast of Hyderabad. We are sure most of the cricket lovers would have fond memories of this ground to share. I have one such memory to share of this ground, my innings of 38 from 17 balls in a losing cause was a heartbreak but one of the best match I was part of. One of the best batting pitches, good outfield and availability of all the amenities under the sun makes it one of the sought after grounds. Over the years Babukhan Arena has developed the premise into a best sports complex in Hyderabad, there is a court for all the popular sports like football, Lawn tennis, basketball, Volleyball and coming up with g karting track and last but not the list a super awesome café “Dugout” to unwind and relax.

No. 1

VCE (Rating: 4.1 star), Shamshabad

Vardhaman Cricket Ground

This famous sports venue was started in late 2012, developed and maintained by Vardhaman College of Engineering. Situated about 7 kms from Shamshabad towards kacharam village. Simply the best and the biggest cricket ground in Hyderabad. You cannot take your eyes of the excellent outfield and a well maintained pitch, it also has standard sixty yard boundary and there is additional 10 yard space between boundary and fence. Pavilion for two teams, Stand to accommodate about 500 spectator proper fencing all throughout the boundary and ample parking space and list is endless. Not surprisingly the ground is preferred by IPL franchises and HCA for practice matches and is top rated ground in Hyderabad.

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