4 ways to prepare for playing in hot weather

Its that time of the year when people love to put on their shades and a trendy cap, shop for nice and cool t-shirts and above all prefer staying indoors.

On the contrary when it comes to the die hard fans of the game even scorching sun and rising mercury fails to stop them from going out in the sun to score a goal or hit a six for their team. The die hard lovers of the game just hates any excuse for not playing.

But at the same time heat and humidity can be sometimes taxing for the best of the athletes of the world and hence sports enthusiasts should follow certain guidelines to play under extreme hot condition in India. This article aims to give a brief overview on how to avoid significant complications and how best to prepare for playing outdoors in hot weather.

  1. Staying hydrated: No-brainier on this,  water is the most appropriate drink for re-hydration. Drink ample water before and during the play. Drinks break should be allowed every 20 min and players should intake at-least 2 cups/250 ml of water in each break. Additionally glucose/sports drinks can be taken which helps to maintain performance in endurance sports.
  2. Clothing and accessories: Clothing should be loose fitting to allow circulation of air between the shirt and body and should be  light weight, loose fitting and light coloured, to reflect the radiant solar heat. If possible avoid caps and wear well-vented broad brim hats and apply water-soluble sunscreen for sun protection.
  3. Fitness and proper warm ups: Less fit individuals are at greater risk of heat illness. Therefore it is important to perform adequate conditioning and fitness training prior to undertaking any competition in a hot and/or humid environment. Proper stretching and warm ups before the match also helps  to avoid cramps and other muscle injury during the play.
  4. Player rotation : It is recommended that wherever possible in extreme temperatures, 2-3 subs/surplus players should be selected in addition to playing members. Consider rotating players on and off the field. Rest periods are particularly important for fast bowlers in cricket and striker in football. It should be ensured that players and officials seek shade when players not on the field.

In addition to this, the players should also be aware of symptoms of sun/heat stroke. The player if feels Fatigue; Nausea; Headache and Light-headedness should be given proper attention and  immediately following treatment should be given.
1. Lie the victim down
2. Loosen and remove excessive clothing & cool by fanning
3. Give cool water to drink if conscious
4. Apply wrapped ice packs to groins and armpits
5. Seek medical assistance.

These information has been published in consultation with sports physician and credible sports associations.


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