• How does Find an Opponent feature work?
    This feature helps you find an opponent for different sports. Please follow below steps:
    1. Register yourself as Team or Individual (We recommend you should register as team if you are interested in team sports like cricket or football and register as individual otherwise)
    2. Search for opponent for your relevant city, sports and date.
    3. Contact team/players which you find relevant in the search result page. If you don’t find any suitable match list your request on website.(Individuals/teams will approach you)
    4. Play match and after the match rate your opponent. You can rate your opponent by searching him on GW by his mobile no.
  • How to maximize my chance of getting an opponent?
    Below are some of the best practice to find an opponent easily.
    1. Post complete and correct information. E.g. profile pic, your name; preferred location etc.
    2. If you have already booked a venue you are among the favorites.
    3. Post your request well in advance. E.g. atleast 4-5 days before the match day.
    4. Always ask your opponent to rate you after the match. A good review always help you find new opponents.
  • After posting my request I got an opponent through this section, now how should I stop other people to approach me?
    1. Once you found your preferred opponent to play with. Always put “Game On” icon for that particular request from your dashboard, with this interest notification sms will be stopped.
  • Which all sports are covered on GW Platform?
    Ans: User can book Cricket & Football grounds/turfs, Badminton & Volleyball Courts, Cricket practice nets and box cricket turfs (usually played on football turfs). We are coming up with other popular sports in India and will keep this section updated.
  • What is the booking date window? E.g. Can I book the slot one month in advance?
    Ans: Booking can be made only 11 days in advance and. E.g. if today’s date is 1st Jan you can make booking for date range 1st Jan to 11th Jan. Same day booking can be made upto half hour prior to match time.
  • Can I make multiple bookings/bulk bookings?
    Ans: We request you to call us on 9581069174, our representative will help you offline for such enquiry.
  • What all payment methods are there?
    Ans: In our platform there are three methods of payment:
    1. Online Payment: Where you pay 100% of the slot price online at the time of booking.
    2. Cash on Ground: Where user pay 25% of the slot price online and balance on the match day in cash at the venue.
    3. Pay after Play: Where user don’t pay any thing online and 100% payment is done on match day at the venue. (For GW Pro Users Only)
  • How do I get booking confirmation after payment?
    Ans: After successful payment a booking confirmation e-mail and message is sent to your registered e-mail id and mobile no. with details of sports venue and booked slot.
  • What is the process of cancellation?
    1. For registered User: Can cancel the booking in my booking section in their dashboard.
    2. For guest User: Have to call to customer care and inform about cancellation.
    3. Booking of Cricket Grounds: 100% refund (by deducting payment gateway charges) will be made for all cancellation done before 48 Hrs from match day. No refunds if the cancellation is made in less 48 hrs from match day.
    4. Bookings of venues other than Cricket Grounds: 100% refund (by deducting payment gateway charges) will be made for all cancellation done before 4 Hrs from match start time. No refunds if the cancellation is made in less than 4 hrs from match start time.

    All refunds will made to respective account/wallet and may take upto 7 working days to credit in your account. For more cancellation related query you can reach to 9581069174.

  • 6. What happen In case of No Show or Last minute cancellation? E.g. I/we could not turn up on match day due to unavoidable circumstances.
    Ans: TThis is the last thing facility manger expects from teams/players hence please avoid this situation. Our team keeps a track on such instance and following steps may be taken
    1. For GW Pro Users: the Pro account benefit will be withdrawn with immediate effect.
    2. For Registered & Guest user: Your account/mobile will be flagged and for future booking payment option Cash on Ground (Only 25% payment at the time of booking) will not be available.
  • How Tournament section helps a sports enthusiast?
    Ans: Tournament section is yet another endeavour of GW to make recreational sports accessible and hassle free for sports enthusiast. This section seamlessly connects sports enthusiasts to corporate tournament organizers. All upcoming non corporate and corporate sports event happening in the city are listed here. We do a due diligence of organizer at our level and only credible sports event organizers are listed in this section.
  • Which all type of tournaments are listed in this section?
    Ans: We list all armature event related to sports, fitness, fun & adventure activities happening around you. So whether it is a sports tournament for kids, open age tournament, corporate sports tournaments, Marathons, trekking, Cycling or other adventure activities, we even virtual tournament on PS & Xbox.
  • Can I register in tournament through GW?
    Ans: Yes off course, you can register in all tournaments which are available for registration, by filling up registration form and by paying entry fees on GW using multiple payment options including credit cards, e-wallets and cash.
  • What if I registered in a tournament and it is postponed or cancelled by tournament organizer?
    Ans: If you have registered in the tournament on our platform we keep you updated with any change in dates and cancellation. Your payment is safe with us in case of cancellation from organizer’s end.
  • What if I want to cancel my participation?
    Ans: In case of cancellation of registration from users end, the refund policy will vary and depend on the tournament organizer’s terms & condition.
  • What is the significance of show interest button?
    Ans: If you are browsing through any open tournament or corporate tournament and thinks this is of your interest and you would like to know more about this tournament. Just click this button, our team will reach you over phone or e-mail with more details.