Shooting Stars Club, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana

Saturday, 24th Mar 2018 - Sunday, 25th Mar 2018

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Pay Now: 900

Tournament Fees: 3900

Last Registration Date: 23-Mar-2018

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Event Overview

Format - Groups ( Double Elimination )

6 v 6 | 6 overs a side

Rules & Regulations

- If a match is tied super over will be played and winner will be decided

- 6v6, 6 overs each, only 2 substitutes allowed (Any 6 can play a match, substitutes can only field)

- Only 2 bowlers can bowl maximum 2 overs

- Caught full toss of top fence is out

- 4 runs if hit through the ground & 6 runs if hit full toss on straight fence or deviating from top fence to the straight fence. In all cases in which the ball deviates from side fence to the straight fence 4 runs will be given.

- A 2D mark will be made on the side fences. 2 runs will be declared if ball hits side fence from 2D mark onwards, if the ball deviates from the 2D mark to the straight fence 4 runs will be given.

- Running between the wickets for all other cases.

- ICC rules apply for extras and over throws. Note - Over throw to the fence can result in 4's and 2 d's

- Field restrictions - 1 keeper mandatory, not more than 2 fielders behind the bowling crease. Not following field restrictions will result in a No Ball

- All teams are requested to report on time which will be notified to you by the organizer 1-2 days before the event.

- 10 minutes after the scheduled match time if a team does not report then win will be awarded to their opponent team

- Matches to be played with medium light tennis ball (Vicky), spiked shoes are not allowed.

- Throw bowling is not allowed - Decision will be taken by the umpire to allow the bowler or not.

- Umpire decision is final & irrevocable. Umpire may discuss with the leg umpire before taking the final decision.

- Arguments with umpire will lead to player/team disqualification. This will be strictly followed.

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