GW Football League 11

Sportsville, Hyderabad, Telangana

Saturday, 14th Dec 2019 - Sunday, 15th Dec 2019 | Starts at 8:00 AM

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Team Registration (With Jerseys)

Pay Now: 3000

Tournament Fees: 9000

Last Registration Date: 25-Nov-2019

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Team Registration (Without Jerseys)

Pay Now: 2000

Tournament Fees: 6000

Last Registration Date: 09-Dec-2019

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Event Overview

Format of the tournament:

Date: 14th & 15th Dec

Venue: Sportsville, Hitex

Entry: 9000/- (With 10 Jerseys) / 6000/- (Without Jerseys)

Cash prize: 15000/-

Get minimum 4 Games

Format: 8 A Side + 2 Sub, 30 min game

Pure Corporate Teams


Rules & Regulations:

Corporate ID Mandatory for each player

Below 23 years of age not allowed.

8 a side plus 3 rolling substitution. 

Only Kicks in (No Throw ins), No Off sides. Penalty Shootout only in KOs.

10 custtomized Jerseys will be provided to teams.

Referees can produce Yellow or red card to the player based on his discretion, and referees decision will be considered as final and abiding.

Teams to report 20 mins before their match time.

Draws will be rolled out two day before the event.

There can be multiple team entries from one company.



Winners: Cash Rs 10,000/- Plus Trophy

Runners up: Cash 5,000/- Trophy & Medals.

Golden Boot Trophy for highest goal scorer.


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