LifeCykul Box Cricket League

Sportsville Hitech City, Hyderabad, Telangana

Saturday, 23rd Nov 2019 - Sunday, 8th Dec 2019

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LifeCykul Box Cricket League (Platinum Cup)

Pay Now: 2500

Tournament Fees: 5000

Last Registration Date: 29-Nov-2019

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Event Overview

  • The Most awaited prestigious LifeCykul Box Cricket (Platinum Cup) is here, starting from 23rd November 2019.
  • We create suitable Sports Ecosystem and Infrastructure for Playing with Professionalism and Competence.
  • We as a company believe in keeping athlete in you alive! For team-owners, players, & game-strategists alike, this is a dream come true.
  • 🏏   Teams - each team will play Min 3 matches
  • 🏏   Dates – starts from 23rd November 2019, follows every weekend till 8th December 2019 (3 weekends)
  • 🏏   Entry Fees - Rs. 5000 Per Team
  • 🏏   Prize Money - Winners - Rs. 1 Lakh, Runners – Up Rs. 50K & 50+ Performance Awards
  • 🏏   Location - SportsVille, Hi-tech City, Hyderabad
  • 🏏   Man of the match
  • 🏏   Man of the series  
  • Contact +91 9553371371 | +91 888 6029 585 for more information


1. Match format: 6 overs, 6 players a side (2 extra players per team)

2. Over per bowler limit: only 1 bowler can bowl max 2 Overs, rest get to bowl only 1 over.

3. Wide ball rules: a. For Overs 1 to 5: wide ball is Counted and 2 runs penalty to the team b. Successive wides: 1 st wide- 2 runs, 2 nd wide-4 runs, 3 rd ,4 th ,5 th , & 6 th wide - 6 runs (balls are counted) c. For 6th over: ball Not Counted, and 1 run penalty to the team.

4. NO Ball rules: a. For Overs 1 to 5: ball not counted, 2 runs penalty, and next ball is a free hit. b. For 6th Over: Ball not counted, and 1 run penalty, and next is a ball free hit. c. Full toss above waist is a no-ball, 2 runs penalty d. 3 rd bouncer over shoulder height, following 2 warnings is a no-ball, 2 runs penalty, and next is a ball free hit. e. 3 no balls are allowed, 4th no ball in the same over, bowler will be disqualified

5. Throw bowling is not allowed. Decision will be taken by the umpire.

6. Boundaries: a. Fours: Beyond marked pillars, and below horizontal mid-beam b. Sixes: Same as fours, except above horizontal mid-beam c. Fly through shots will be counted as four or six based on 1st impact point d. Over throws to the fence can result in 4's and 6's.

7. Fielding Rules: a. No more than 3 fielders in the 1st half of the ground b. Wicket keeper is not mandatory c. Catches: Direct catches, no rebounds. For roof rebounds, ball in play but not a catch

8. LBW: No LBW outs, foot deflections may result in leg byes/byes.

9. In case of Tie, Super Over will be played

10.Admin Rules: a. All players must report at venue 30 minutes before game start. b. If the full team doesn’t report 10 minutes prior to the official start time, the opposite team will be awarded as winners. c. Games will be postponed in case of rain. d. Umpire decisions are final & irrevocable. e. Matches will be played with hard tennis ball, players are requested to come in sportswear. Spiked shoes are not allowed inside the playing area. f. All players are expected to be courteous to each other and with the officials g. Arguments with umpire will lead to player/team disqualification. This will be strictly followed.


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