Plank Challenge

Online on Zoom App, Hyderabad, Telangana

Sunday, 17th May 2020 | Starts at 1:45 AM

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Pay Now: 100

Tournament Fees: 100

Last Registration Date: 16-May-2020

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Event Overview

For any sports you need a strong core and high endurance level. The plank strengthen the core and build up endurance, in run up to end of lock down test your fitness level by taking up plank challenge.

Participation Rule:

  1. The competition will be held online on zoom app LIVE, where participants will join the zoom meeting through a unique link and will be held in batches of 30 will start on a specified time. Participants will be informed about their start time window.
  2. Plank formation guidelines along with pictures will be sent to all participants, any deviation form correct formation will be disqualified.
  3. Camera has to be on at all times during the attempt, any disconnection due connectivity error etc the duration will be recorded till the time camera is on.
  4. We will have a mock up session on 16th May , 4 pm for trials.
  5. Each participation has to join the zoom session in separate device, no two or more participants can join from single device.
  6. Moderator/ instructor call will be final on disqualification for wrong plank formation at the time of competition. 
  7. Last participant holding the plank will win the competition.
  8. Prize money to the winner will be transferred via UPI txn on same day.
  9. Participants taking multiple tickets has to provide mobile and email ids of all participants by sending email to or whatsapp to 9581069174 by mentioning registration id.
  10. Basic guidelines on plank formation.

        a. The participants needs to be facedown during the entire activity. 

        b. The legs must remain straight and will be together, with all the toes pointing.

        c.  The arms must be kept straight for the sides.

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