Super 7 Cricket Championship

BSporty Academy, Hyderabad, Telangana

Friday, 4th May 2018 - Saturday, 5th May 2018

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Pay Now: 3000

Tournament Fees: 10000

Last Registration Date: 03-May-2018

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Event Overview

Kazoom Sports Pvt. Ltd., is pleased to invite you / your Team to participate in “Super 7 Cricket Championship” – Hyderabad. This is an open tournament which can be attended by Cricket Teams from Corporates, Organizations, Banks, Institutes, Communities, Groups or Any Team who are interested in playing Cricket or Sports Enthusiasts.

Event will be held at BSporty Academy, Meridian School Road, Siddhi Vinayak Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad from April 20th to 28th 2018. All matches will be played under Flood Lights on Astro Turf Pitch with Wind Ball.


Team Size: Minimum 8 and Maximum 10 Members in a Team

Team Members: Name and Details of All Team Members should be provided before start of the Tournament. Any Additions or Changes of Players are not allowed after the Start of the Tournament.

Players In A Match: 7 Players in a Match. Substitutes can Only Field in a Match

Overs In An Innings: 8 Overs Each Side (All the 6 Players (except the wicket keeper) bowl 1 over Each in a match & Any 2 Players can Bowl 2 Overs Each)

Balls In An Over: 6 Balls

The Ball: Wind Ball is used to play all matches. 1 Ball is Used for Each Match.

The Ground: Rectangle Ground

The Pitch: Astor Turf

Wide Balls: 1 run for a wide ball shall be scored and after 3 wide balls in a over every wide ball in that over a penalty of 2 runs shall be scored.

No Ball: A penalty of 2 Runs for a NO BALL shall be scored and Free Hit is given for Every No Ball Bowled. (Crease No Ball, Fielding No Ball, Bounce, Full Toss – Above Chest)

Bouncers: Bowling Bouncers are not allowed. At the first instance the umpire shall call and signal "No ball" and the penalty of two runs shall be scored and after every No Ball, Free Hit is Given for the Batting Side.

Free Hit: Free Hit is given to batting side, after a No Ball (Crease No Ball, Fielding No Ball, Bounce, Full Toss – Above Chest) is bowled by the bowler. Batsmen will not be declared Out in any form except for Run – Out.

Category: Men (18+ Years from Corporates, Institutes, Organizations or Any Cricket Team)

Match Timing: Max 1 Hr (Each Match)

Uniform: Colored – Preferably common color to team (Jerseys provided by Organizers)

Broadcasting: Live Streaming on YouTube / Facebook

Updates: Live Update (Scoring, Photos & Videos) of Every Match will be on Social Media (Kazoom Sports Page)

Scoring: Official Scorer, In the Stadium, On Scoring App

Umpiring: Official Umpires from Cricket Association

Naming The Team: Every Team has to Name their team and submit the same before start of the Tournament.

Cricket Kit: Every Team has to get their own Cricket Kit or Accessories. (Kit, Bat or any other Accessories are not provided by Organizers)

Injury / First Aid – Event committee will provide basic First-Aid kit on the ground. In case a player gets injured and needs medical attention, all the medical expenses have to be borne by the player or his company. Under no circumstances, Event Committee can be held liable for any such expenses.

Water & Food: Water will be provided by Organizers, Food can be bought from food stall at the Venue.

Point Table:

League cum Knock Out Format

Minimum Matches Played by Each Team – 4 Matches

Number Of Groups – 4 Groups

Number Of Teams in Each Group – 5 Teams

Points For Each Winning Match – 2 Points

**Top 2 Teams from Each Group will be eligible to play in Quarter Finals Followed by Semifinals & Finals.

Awards & Prizes:

Cash Prizes, Trophies, Goodies are given for Finals Only. Trophies are awarded for Each Match for Man Of The Match Player Only.

·         Rs.20,000/- for Winning Team,

·         Rs.15,000/-for Runner Up Team,

·         Rs.2000/- For Man Of The Match,

·         Rs.3000/- For Man of the Series,

·         Rs.2000/- For Best Batsman,

·         Rs.2000/- For Best Bowler,

·         Rs.3000/- Fair Play Award (Team)

Registration Process:

1.       All Team Registrations will be done online (On Groundwala App)

2.       Minimum Team Size 8 Members – Maximum 10 Members

1.       Maximum Number Of Teams for the Tournament – 20 Teams

2.       Details Of All Players Should be Given at time of Registration

3.       15th April is the last date of Team Registration.

Terms & Conditions

Age Limit: 18+

General Rules:

·         Corporates, Organizations, Banks, Institutes, Communities, Groups, Sports Enthusiasts or Any Team who are interested to Play Cricket.

·         WINDBALL is used for all Matches. New WINDBALL is used for each match.

·         The fixture will be created by the organizing team and once published will not be changed on individual request. The fixture will be based on the seeding given by the organizing team. To save time for everyone exact time for each match will be given and players are requested to reach the venue on time. The late arrival of team leads to automatic walkover for the opponent.

·         Valid ID card of each team member, Company ID or any valid proof must be produced on the day of the event.

·         Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Drugs or any other banned substances are not allowed at the Venue.

·         Player or Team found not to be fit or found undisciplined, can be removed from the tournament at any point of time without giving any reason.

·         Umpire/Referee decision will be final and players are requested to cooperate.

·         Players are participating at their own risk. Any injuries or accidents occurring during the event are not the responsibility of the organizers.

·         Players should only wear SPORT SHOES, SPORTS JERSEYS and strictly NO SPIKE SHOES are allowed at the time of Matches.

·         Registration can not be cancelled in any circumstances and money will not be refunded.

·         Tournament Committee will have the authority to postpone/cancel/amend the schedule of the tournament at any given point in time but with a prior notice to the respective teams. In such cancellation, the full amount will be refunded.

·         KAZOOM SPORTS is NOT liable in an event for any injuries sustained during the course of the tournament and for loss of any equipment/money/any other belongings.

·         Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.

·         Registrations once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.

·         We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior at the venue to be ready for your match. 

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