Vengsarkar Academy Cricket Ground


Vengsarkar Academy Cricket Ground, Kalachauki, Mahul, Wadala Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071., India.

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Mahul cricket ground or Vengsarkar Cricket ground in mahul can be counted as one of the best cricket grounds in Mumbai. Its a heaven for cricket lovers and the experience is close to playing a match in a stadium

What you will like about this ground
1. One of the most consistent pitches with 1-2 match wickets available as back up 
2. Clearly visible white marking for 30 yard circle
3. Thick ropes placed as boundaries which helps umpires during close calls. 
4. Consistent layer of green grass throughout the ground which means less outfield related injuries. 
5. Sight screens on either side of the wicket which means less disturbance during batting. 
6. Ball does not wear out on shine or quality due to good quality outfield. 
7. Good Toilet facility

What you wont like
1. Usually ground calendar is Pre-booked in advance for months so availability may be an issue. 
2. Bathroom is a good 5-6 minutes walk and this walk seems like a long walk especially in between the matches. 

For Spectators and Players
1. Connectivity or location of the ground could be a problem for some since its based in Mahul, chembur. This ground is not so easy to find . Landmark could be BPCL refinery. 
2. Good Viewing area for spectators throughout Though on the open ground itself. You will need a tent or some sitting arrangement if you are expecting more people. 

Solo Ground
Open for – Corporates & Clubs
Allowed to play with – both leather & tennis ball
Ground Size – 65 to 70 meters boundary
Pitch – Natural Turf Wicket
Facilities – Toilets, of street parking facility, Scoreboard & Pavilion
Umpire & Scorer Available ( Extra Charges Applicable here ) 


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